The Marecchia valley is an important communication and penetration route between the Adriatic coast and the Tuscan hinterland, characterized by a series of emerging and isolated points that create a land-use system and control the river. As the neighboring Romagna valleys show an articulated and complex situation, a detailed historical-archaeological reconstruction of the territory is difficult for the Marecchia area.
Recent research projects aimed at investigating the ancient population through the execution of surface survey, the elaboration of archaeological maps with revision and systematization of the available data, as well as recent discoveries and excavations, have allowed us to enrich the data available and to better define the archaeological framework of this area. The valley and the neighboring territories appear to be characterized by a rarefied population and a dominant Umbrian presence, with a diversified situation between the Lower Valmarecchia, corresponding to the coastal strip and the first hilly offshoots, and the Upper Valmarecchia, corresponding to the innermost strip.

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