Studies in honor of Arthur Segal

Edited by M. Eisenberg and A. Ovadiah

Archaeologica, 180
2019, XVIII-326 pp., 53 col. photos, 100 ill.
Brossura, 21,5 x 30 cm
ISBN: 9788876893155

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The studies presented in the book express the spirit of A. Segal research work and reflect his interest and curiosity in a wide spectrum of Classical archaeology, such as town planning and architecture in the Graeco-Roman world, Roman theatres, Roman temples, Herodian art and architecture, Nabataean art and architecture, architectural decoration, and more.

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Arthur Segal: Curriculum Vitae
M. Sommer - «Sick not only in body…». Apollo Grannus and the emperor enchanted
A. Lichtenberger - Jerusalem and beyond; Cities, Sanctuaries and centrality in the kingdom of Herod
F. Sear - Discrimina ordinum in theatres. The archaeological evidence
J. Seigne - Gerasa: un aperçu du développement urbain, de l’époque hellénistique à l’époque omeyyade
A. Ovadiah - The images of the early christian church in the mirror of patristic literary sources
M. Eisenberg - The propylaeum of the extra muros sanctuary at Hippos
W. Eck, D. Kossmann - Zu inschriften der römischen führungsmacht aus Israel
A. Kloner, Boaz Zissu - Hellenistic residences at Maresha (Marissa)
R. Reich, Y. Baruch - The Herodian Temple Mount in Jerusalem: a few remarks on its construction and appearance
W. Atrash, G. Mazor - Entertainment facilities at Nysa-Scythopolis
R. Gersht, Peter Gendelman - Tombs and burial customs in Roman and Byzantine Caesarea
M. Mor - From Shalem (Jerusalem) to Tel Shalem: Hadrian’s visit in provincia Judaea
R. Toueg - R. G. Collingwood: King Arthur’s Round Table
Y. Shivtiel, M. Osband - A methodological perspective on the chronology and typology of the hiding complexes in the Galilee
A. Kowalewska - The southern bathhouse of Antiochia Hippos of the Decapolis
C. Ben David - The Boundaries of Hippos-Sussita during the Roman and Byzantine periods
S. Gilboa-Karni - Liberty, citizenship, fertility, elysium. Liber Pater/Bacchus in the gardens of the bay of Naples
E. Dvorjetski - ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. Physical culture, sport, and leisure in the land of Israel from Biblical times to the late Roman Empire


Paolo Cimadomo, Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, Histara, 18/06/2021