Studies in honor of Arthur Segal

A cura di Michael Eisenberg, Asher Ovadiah

Archaeologica, 180
2019, XVIII-326 pp., 53 col. photos, 100 ill.
Brossura, 21,5 x 30 cm
ISBN: 9788876893155

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The studies presented in the book express the spirit of A. Segal research work and reflect his interest and curiosity in a wide spectrum of Classical archaeology, such as town planning and architecture in the Graeco-Roman world, Roman theatres, Roman temples, Herodian art and architecture, Nabataean art and architecture, architectural decoration, and more.

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Arthur Segal: Curriculum Vitae
M. Sommer - «Sick not only in body…». Apollo Grannus and the emperor enchanted
A. Lichtenberger - Jerusalem and beyond; Cities, Sanctuaries and centrality in the kingdom of Herod
F. Sear - Discrimina ordinum in theatres. The archaeological evidence
J. Seigne - Gerasa: un aperçu du développement urbain, de l’époque hellénistique à l’époque omeyyade
A. Ovadiah - The images of the early christian church in the mirror of patristic literary sources
M. Eisenberg - The propylaeum of the extra muros sanctuary at Hippos
W. Eck, D. Kossmann - Zu inschriften der römischen führungsmacht aus Israel
A. Kloner, Boaz Zissu - Hellenistic residences at Maresha (Marissa)
R. Reich, Y. Baruch - The Herodian Temple Mount in Jerusalem: a few remarks on its construction and appearance
W. Atrash, G. Mazor - Entertainment facilities at Nysa-Scythopolis
R. Gersht, Peter Gendelman - Tombs and burial customs in Roman and Byzantine Caesarea
M. Mor - From Shalem (Jerusalem) to Tel Shalem: Hadrian’s visit in provincia Judaea
R. Toueg - R. G. Collingwood: King Arthur’s Round Table
Y. Shivtiel, M. Osband - A methodological perspective on the chronology and typology of the hiding complexes in the Galilee
A. Kowalewska - The southern bathhouse of Antiochia Hippos of the Decapolis
C. Ben David - The Boundaries of Hippos-Sussita during the Roman and Byzantine periods
S. Gilboa-Karni - Liberty, citizenship, fertility, elysium. Liber Pater/Bacchus in the gardens of the bay of Naples
E. Dvorjetski - ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. Physical culture, sport, and leisure in the land of Israel from Biblical times to the late Roman Empire


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