Frances Van Keuren

The Frieze from the Hera I Temple at Foce del Sele

Archaeologica, 82
1989, pp. 116, Tavv. 43, cm 17 x 24, in brossura
ISBN: 8876890300

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Chapter 1 - The founders of the Sele Sanctuary and the Dating of the Meteopes
Chapter 2 - Structural Characteristics of the Frieze
Chapter 3 - Reinterpreted Metopes from the Herakles Cycle
- The Sileni's Attack against Hera and the Metope with Elektra and Orestes
- Fragment showing Herakles and Kerberos (?)
- The Metope with Erakles and Alkyoneus
- Fragments of a Metope depicting Herakles and Acheloos (?)
- Herakles and Nessos Cycle on Three Metopes
Chapter 4 - Reinterpreted Metopes with Epic Themes
- Fragments from a Metope with Hera (?) Enthroned
- The Metope with Achilles and Troilos
- The Metope with Eris
- The Metope with Agamennon (?)
- Two Metopes with Orestes at Delphi
Chapter 5 - Reinterpreted Metopes from the Sinners' Cycle
- Two Metopes with Theseus and Peirithoos and Helen and Phoibe or Persephone
- The Metope with Tantalos
Chapter 6 - The Cyclical Reconstruction and Cyclical Parallels in Early Archaic art


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