In this article it is argued that the names Turms and Turan, which refer to the Etruscan equivalents of the Greek deities Hermes and Aphrodite, are not derivatives of the Etruscan root tur- “give”. Rather, the words are respectively borrowings of the Greek name Ἑρμῆς and the common Greek epithet of Aphrodite Ὠρανία/Οὐρανία. In both cases the Etruscan borrowing incorporates the initial t of the Greek article ὁ ἡ τό, frequently used in Greek references and dedications to the deities during the archaic period. The article presents first the evidence to associate the Etruscan deities with the Greek, and secondly the linguistic justifications for the correspondences, with explanations for the final forms of the names in Etruscan.

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