The Hanging Marsyas and its Copies

The Hanging Marsyas and its Copies

Roman Innovations in a Hellenistic sculptural tradition

Anne Weis

Archaeologica, 103

1992, pp. 243, with 52 b/w plates, cm 22 x 30, Paper


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Marsyas Copies and the Lost Originals: Problems of Reconstruction
Appendix to Chapter 1 - The Reproduction of Some Copies of the "White" Type
Chapter 2 - Two Marsyases, an 'Arrotino' and the Chronology of the Types
Chapter 3 - The "Red" Marsyas: The Arbor infelix and Politica Allegory in a Cruel Decade
Chapter 4 - The "White" Marsyas and its Group: Hellenistic Style and Narrative in the Silver Age
Appendix to Chapter 4 - The Marsyas "Contest" Group
Chapter 5 - The Marsyas Copies: Patterns in Popularity and Copy Design
Appendix A. Catalogue of the Masyas Copies
- Index 1: Marsyas Copies by Size and Type
- Index 2: Marsyas Copies by Approximate Date of Manufacture within the Roman Period
- Index 3: Marsyas Copies by Approximate Date of Discovery (ca. 1500-1900)
Appendix B. The Punishment of Marsyas in Greek and Roman Minor Arts
List of illustrations
General index
Photograph Credits


- Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire (1994), vol. 72, n° 1, pp. 210-212 (Baratte François)

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