The Cult Images of Imperial Rome

The Cult Images of Imperial Rome

Cornelius Vermeule

Archaeologica, 71

1987, pp. 91, with 44 b/w plates, cm 17 x 25, Paper


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I. The Numismatic Evidence
II. The Cult Images
III. Representations of Divinities not Evidently derived from Cult Images of the Graeco-Roman World
IV. Representations of Allegorical Personifications not reproducing Cult Images of the Graeco-Roman World
V. The Taste of Cult Images
VI. Sources of Seated and Standing Images
VII. Temples of Rome and their Images
VIII. The Lesser Cult Images of Rome
IX. Miscellany: Paintings, Possible Statues, and Numismatic Images



Journal of Roman Studies / Volume 80 / November 1990, pp 233-234

- Journal of Roman Archaeology vol. 3 January 1990 (Richard A. Gergel)

- Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire 1990 vol. 68-1 pp. 231-233 (Robert Turcan)

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