Le necropoli della Sabina Tiberina: note archeologiche

Le necropoli della Sabina Tiberina: note archeologiche

Articolo in “Sui due versanti dell’Appennino”

Enrico Benelli

pp. 79-88,

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The Sabine culture of the Tiber valley is especially known through tomb groups that span from the late VII to the middle of the VI cent. B.C. The first part of the paper attempts to identify the remains of depositions which date back to an earlier period, and provide an interesting insight into the formative phases of this culture. The second part of the paper is devoted to a later phase which was previously known only in the northern area of this region, until the new excavations in Colle del Forno revealed groups of vases ritually shattered near the dromoi of the chamber tombs, belonging to depositions lacking any kind of grave goods. This new evidence affords greater understanding of patterns of circulation
of goods along the Tiber valley, a route which in the late archaic period seems much more active than before.

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