Motivi comuni tra ossuari e sarcofagi aquileiesi:

Motivi comuni tra ossuari e sarcofagi aquileiesi:

a proposito di un interessante cinerario da Aquileia nell'arredo antiquario di Palazzo Mangilli a Udine

Maurizio BUORA

Art. in "Scultura di Iulia Concordia e Aquileia", 31

2017, pp. 95-107, Formato PDF

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This paper considers an interesting roman funerary urn, housed in the porch on the ground floor of the palace Mangilli of Udine. The nineteenth-century decor – which includes antiques, from Aquileia, and contemporary works of ancient subject, made by the sculptor Luigi Minisini, born in Udine – reflects the literary and figurative culture of the Udinese aristocracy.
The urn, formerly containing the ashes of M. Licinius Trophimus, is known since the Renaissance: the main interest lies in the fact that it reproduces, in miniature, a sarcophagus. Other Aquileian urns show decorative elements common to the sarcophagi; they reveal their transmission – or rather their common use – in different classes of materials in a period in which co-existed the cremation and the burial rite. It seems that in most cases, especially in the second half of the second century AD. and maybe even at the beginning of the third, some models of funerary monuments, more expensive and perhaps socially worthy of greater consideration, were also adopted from customers with fewer economic resources.

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