Alle origini del tipo del togato in Cisalpina

Alle origini del tipo del togato in Cisalpina

le statue di palazzo Mangilli a Udine

Luigi Sperti

Articolo in "Scultura di Iulia Concordia e Aquileia", 31

2017, pp. 73-94, Formato PDF

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In the collection of antiquities of Palazzo Mangilli in Udine (Northern Italy) there are three unpublished togate statues in limestone, dating back to the late Republican age. The togatus A is closely compared to a group of statues produced in Rome in the first half of the first century. BC. The statue B, very similar to the previous one in the rendering of the drapery and in various details, is linked to the tradition of the figures with himation of the Hellenistic world. The statues are product of a same atelier, designed for the same monument, most likely a large funerary monument of Aquileia dated in the second quarter of the I century BC: most likely they are the oldest togate statues of the Cisalpine Gaul. Also the statuary type of C is that of the togatus with arm sling, and is datable in the third quarter of the first century BC. The heads, in marble, do not belong to the statues, and date back to the Imperial age.

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