Ricerche sulla scultura romana: alcune riflessioni

Ricerche sulla scultura romana: alcune riflessioni

A proposito del catalogo di Elena Di Filippo Balestrazzi Sculture romane del Museo Nazionale Concordiese di Portogruaro

M. Verzár

Articolo in "Scultura di Iulia Concordia e Aquileia («Supplementi Rivista di Archeologia» 31), 31

2017, pp. 1-6, Formato PDF

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The colloquium in Udine on occasion of the publication of the catalogue «Sculture romane del Museo Nazionale Concordiese di Portogruaro», by Elena Di Filippo Balestrazzi in the revived series «Collezioni e Musei archeologici del Veneto», founded in 1980 by Gustavo Traversari, has provided the impetus for reflection on the study of ancient sculpture and especially the Roman sculpture, which is now at a critical phase. All the more welcome the new edition of the series once dedicated primarily to this specificity which marked the first steps of classical archeology and the development of this science at least until the beginning of the 60’s of the last century. After a brief consideration of the method of Kopienkritik and his limits derived from a too on-sided approach – which gave priority to research on the greek originals – switching to an perhaps excessive attention on the problem of Roman copies, the art of emulation. This debate is brought forward by a few scholars with almost no fallout on today’s archaeological activity that has moved away from questions of art history.

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