Montelparo. Storia della ricerca e "Disiecta Membra"

Montelparo. Storia della ricerca e "Disiecta Membra"

Articolo in "Sui due versanti dell'Appennino"


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Between the late XIX and the first decades of the XX cent., the territory of Montelparo (Fermo, Marche Region) was involved in archaeological excavations that, at a later stage, were almost completely forgotten. Although these excavations brought to light many Picenian graves, most of the findings were sold on the antiques markets or were lost during the Second World War. Thanks to archive research and the examination of archaeological materials stored in the Museums of Florence and Ancona, we are now able to reconstruct the history of the archaeological research undertaken on this site and to sketch the cultural profile of a medium-sized Picenian settlement which was an important part of the culture of the valley between Chienti and Tronto rivers and was involved in an extensive network of inter-regional relations.

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