Ceramiche etrusche e di tipo etrusco nelle Marche

Ceramiche etrusche e di tipo etrusco nelle Marche

Articolo in "Sui due versanti dell'Appennino"

Alessandra COEN

pp. 189-206,

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This paper deals with the presence of Italo-geometric and Etrusco-Corinthian pottery in the Marche Region between VII and VI cent. B.C. This kind of pottery is not particularly popular in this Region and the Etrusco-Corinthian vases mainly appear with linear decorations and are produced in quite few shapes (aryballoi and alabastra, cups, oinochoai, kylikes, etc). The presence of this pottery is more frequent in graves of (prominent) women, as can be seen in the neighbouring Region of Abruzzi: this is a coincidence which also covers the shapes and the diachronic spread. In addition to some imports from Southern Etruria, several vases have a very peculiar shape and decorative syntax that could suggest a local production by ‘foreign’ (mainly south-Etruscan) craftsmen.

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