La necropoli della Valle del Sangro

La necropoli della Valle del Sangro

Articolo in "Sui due versanti dell'Appennino"

Amalia Faustoferri, Paola Riccitelli

pp. 117-162,

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Twenty years after the start of the Sangro Valley Project, it can now be said that the Valley is one of the better-known areas of Abruzzo. This paper presents a picture of present-day archaeological research in the Upper Valley where, more than a century after the excavations at Alfedena, recent interventions in the multilayered site of Opi and the necropolis of Barrea (where for the first time a large and rather well preserved tumulus was identified) have made it possible to shed new light on the area from the late Orientalizing through the late archaic period. In addition to the discussion of data extrapolated from preliminary study of the area’s funerary contexts and tomb goods, the first results of the ongoing work on some of the metal objects are presented here. These objects were subjected to diagnostic tests and then restoration using innovative systems, a work which stimulated a series of new reflections on their manufacturing techniques and functionality.

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