La necropoli di Cinturelli a Caporciano (L'Aquila)

La necropoli di Cinturelli a Caporciano (L'Aquila)

Articolo in “Sui due versanti dell’Appennino”


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New excavations have been carried out (2005- 2011) in the Cinturelli necropolis at Caporciano (Aquila, Abruzzi), in the plane opposite the hillfort of Monte Castellone. The necropolis was used during a period of time that spans from the middle decades of the VII cent. B.C. to the beginning of the I century A.D. Tombs were consciously displaced in definite groups ever since the late Orientalizing period. The male graves of large dimensions were reserved for very prominent clans and the deceased were provided with two, instead of the usual one, ‘antennae daggers’. In the archaic period, when the hillfort was probably abandoned, grave contexts were less rich, probably due to social levelling which became progressively evident until the early imperial age.

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