Studi sulla necropoli orientalizzante di Spoleto, Piazza d'Armi

Studi sulla necropoli orientalizzante di Spoleto, Piazza d'Armi

Articolo in “Sui due versanti dell’Appennino”

Joachim WEDIG

pp. 47-77,

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Between 2008 and 2011, new excavations were carried out in the Piazza d’Armi necropolis situated in the city of Spoleto (Umbria). Its findings date back to the end of the VIII century/first half of the VI century B.C. These findings are essential for the reconstruction of social hierarchy of the Italic tribes that lived in Umbria during a still badly known period. For the first time in central Apennine Italy, Spoleto’s archaeology is a clear witness of ‘hereditary’ transfer of aristocratic power from one generation to another. Four extraordinary sceptres reveal completely unknown figurative iron ornaments of symbolic as well as religious-mythological background, which emphasise the king’s or prince’s claim to power by submission or taming of mythical creatures. Two of the four sceptres show traces of an elaborate technique.

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