Status e ruoli femminili nei corredi del Piceno meridionale

Status e ruoli femminili nei corredi del Piceno meridionale

Articolo in “Sui due versanti dell’Appennino”

Nora Lucentini

pp. 9-45,

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The oldest tomb of a rich necropolis at Montedinove (Ascoli Piceno, Marche) was the burial place of two bodies: the first, of a man, with poor grave goods; the second, of a lady, with an outstanding funerary set. This set included a fibula made with different materials and an extraordinary ‘embroidery’ of amber, bone and glass beads as well as an absolutely unexpected presence of a spear-head. The custom of putting throwing weapons in female graves is also commonly known in rich tombs at the nearby Belmonte necropolis (Ascoli Piceno). In these cases, spear-heads were buried as real working weapons (in posizione d’uso), which means that they were not mere gifts, but symbols of noble lineage of the female who had passed away. What we know of family and social organization in the Picenum, and the tradition of the centuriata iudicia, enables us to interpret the spear (hasta) as a sign of personal emancipation, individual rank, even of real power in the public life of women from very prominent families

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