I circoli tombali del Sodo a Cortona

I circoli tombali del Sodo a Cortona

Articolo in “Sui due versanti dell’Appennino”


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At the Sodo of Cortona, excavations in 2005 brought to light two grave circles of the Orientalizing period. The circles were investigated on several occasions until 2012. They contained different numbers of funerary stone boxes (datable to the VII-VI cent. B.C.): the rich grave contexts, mostly preserved in situ, mainly consist of ceramics and also include bronze, iron, amber, ivory and bone objects. This novelty reveals the emerging of social differentiation and the presence of an affluent class, while the later date of the funerary circles compared to those of coastal Etruria suggests that these phenomena took place in Cortona somewhat later. This conservatism is confirmed by the Villanovan echoes found in our objects, which suggest either an undocumented, local pre-Orientalizing tradition or external influences (from Chiusi, or from the Italic world, through the Apennine passes).

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