"Peopled" scrolls in roman architectural decoration in Israel

"Peopled" scrolls in roman architectural decoration in Israel

The roman theatre at Beth Shean / Scythopolis

Asher Ovadiah, Yeudit Turnheim

Rivista di archeologia supplementi, 12

1994, Ill. 283 f.t, Tavv. 4 a colori, cm 24 x 30, Brossura



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Foreword; Abbreviations and Bibliography; Introduction. 
1. Blocks Decorated with "Peopled" Scrolls 
2. Cornices 
3. Soffits 
4. Miscellaneous ornamented architectural elements 
5. Composition and iconography 
6. Technique, style and artisans 
7. Comparative analysis 
Conclusions, Appendix; Notes; List of illustrations; List of colour plates; List of figures; Indices; Illustrations

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