The Youthful Deeds of Theseus

The Youthful Deeds of Theseus

Jenifer Neils

Archaeologica, 76

1987, tavv.17 f.t., cm 22 x 30, in brossura


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Table of contents

Table of contents
List of abbreviations
I. The literary tradition
II. The pictorial tradition before 520 bC
III. Attic vase-painting and sculpture 520-500 bC
IV. Attic vase-painting 500-480 bC
V. Attic vase-painting and sculpture of the severe period (c. 480-460 bC)
VI. Attic vase-painting and sculpture of the early classical period (c. 470-450 bC)
VII. Denoument: the second half of the fifth century bC
Catalogue of vase-paintings
Catalogue of sculpture

Turcan Robert. Neils (Jenifer). The Youthful Deeds of Theseus.Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire, 1991, vol. 69, n° 1, pp. 247-248.

url :/web/revues/home/prescript/article/rbph_0035-0818_1991_num_69_1_6998_t1_0247_0000_2

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