Season Mosaics of Roman North Africa

Season Mosaics of Roman North Africa

David Parrish

Archaeologica, 46

1984, with 104 plates, cm 22 x 30, Paper


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I. Introduction
II. Imagery of the Seasons
A. Season Types; B. Attributes of the Seasons
III. Themes associated with the seasons
A. Individual Deities; B. The Months; C. The Circus; D. Individual Portraits; E. Varia
IV. Composition of season pavements
A. Compositions which represent the Seasons Alone; B. Compositions in which the Season are Associated with Other Themes
V. Architectural location of season mosaics
A. Private houses; B. Bath buildings
VI. Chronology and geographic distribution of season mosaics
Catalogue of African season mosaic; Maps

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