Bronze Age Carian Iasos

Bronze Age Carian Iasos

Structures and finds from the area of the Roman agora (ca. 3000-1500 bC)

Nicoletta Momigliano

Archaeologica, 166

Missione Archeologica Italiana di Iasos , 4

2012, Tavv. 168 b/n + 8 a colori fuori testo, cm 17 x 24, in brossura



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Iasos is an important archaeological site on the southwest coast of Turkey, and one of the very few in this region to have yielded substantial Bronze Age levels and structures, especially for the second millennium BC. 
This volume presents the main discoveries made by Doro Levi and Clelia Laviosa during their excavations of the 1960s and 1970s in the settlement area, and provides important new evidence for the study of Anatolian settlement history and material culture, Aegean and Anatolian Bronze Age networks of interaction, the ‘Minoan’ eruption of Santorini, and the phenomenon of Minoanisation in the Aegean. 


I. Introduction: a brief overview of explorations, excavations, and other research at Iasos, with reference to the prehistoric periods; II. The Bronze Age Buildings beneath the Geometric Cemetery in the Roman Agora (Test -Trench by the West Stylobate); III. Chalcolithic/Early Bronze Age-Late Bronze Age I Finds; IV.Summary and Conclusions; Bibliography, Index, Figures.


Revue des Etudes Anciennes Tome 115 2013 n. 1

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