Verucchio Villanoviana

Verucchio Villanoviana

Il sepolcreto in Località Le Pegge e la necropoli al piede della Rocca Malatestiana

Gino Vinicio Gentili

Monumenti antichi, 59

Serie monografica, 6

2003, con 530 ill., (2 volumi), cartonato


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The contents of this publication, wich deals with one of the most important Villanovan and early Etruscan complexes presently known, is the complete edition of data relative to both excavation and funerary outfits of three groups of burials from two of the Villanovan cemeteries of Verucchio (Rimini, Romagna); the excavations were carried out by the author in 1970 (24 cremation burials from the cemetery at Le Pegge, and 26 from the cemetery below the Rocca Malatestiana, podere Lippi), and in 1972 (163 more cremations from podere Lippi). 


Topografia e storia degli scavi: 
Sguardo generale
Le necropoli

Il sepolcreto in Località Le Pegge: 
Campagna di scavo 1970

La necropoli nel declivio sottostante la Rocca Malatestiana: 
Ritrovamenti del 1969
Campagna di scavo 1970
Esplorazione di una sola tomba nel 1971
Campagna di scavo 1972

Indice per materie
Elenco delle illustrazioni


The publication of the Verucchio cemeteries provides all scholars who work on Italian protohistory with the basic information on these complexes, i.e., with the opportunity to perform further analyses and research on a sound scientific base. In the best of all possible archaeological worlds, it would have been perhaps desirable for the excavator himself to carry out the complete analysis and interpretation of these cemeteries; however, it is only fair to acknowledge the extraordinary achievement represented by these two volumes, for which the international scientific community should be grateful to the excavator and author.

From "Gnomon" 78/2006 by Anna Maria Bietti Sestrieri (Rome)

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