Le pietre raccontano

Le pietre raccontano

Il paesaggio monumentale di Iulia Concordia (dalla fondazione della colonia al III secolo d.C.)

Federica Rinaldi

Art. in "Scultura di Iulia Concordia e Aquileia", 31

2017, pp. 17-40, Formato PDF

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$ 32.21


The publication of catalog on the Roman sculptures of Archaeological Museum of Portogruaro is the pretext for a re-examination of the sculptural heritage in Concordia. For this purpose will be examined the artifacts displayed at the museum and at Concordia, the artifacts kept in storage in warehouses, as well as those valued along the archaeological staged at Concordia about ten years ago. The aim of the work is to develop a quantitative reflection and distribution in time and space, leading to reconstruction, where possible, of the decorative programs of public and private buildings of Concordia.
The research will be considered the sculptural heritage between the founding of the colony and the end of the third century A.D. From this moment, in fact, the figurative repertoire will receive new ideas from the spread of Christianity and from the new role of military Concordia towards Aquileia. The research will ultimately seek to address the problem of addiction artistic from Aquileia; also verify the presence of shops and foreign craftsmen.

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