Le pitture della galleria superiore della cappella di S. Aquilino a Milano New

Le pitture della galleria superiore della cappella di S. Aquilino a Milano

i motivi e le tecniche nel loro spazio architettonico

Elisabetta Neri, Romina Marchisio, Letizia Turconi

Articolo in RIVISTA DI ARCHEOLOGIA 41-2017, pp. 125-149, Tavv. XVII-XXIII a colori, Formato PDF


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This paper proposes the first detailed documentation of the paintings in the upper gallery of S. Aquilino, an annex to the basilica of S. Lorenzo in Milan. The limited attention received by these remains from critics, as well as the new dating of the building to the fifth century, pushed to present the motifs, their meaning, the execution from a technical standpoint, aiming at the definition of their function within their architectural context. This study highlights how in the fifth century, in a likely context of imperial patronage, the techniques used are in continuity with Antiquity and the materials employed belong to the classic decorative repertoire, with themes largely attested in Cisalpina during Late Antiquity. Although several groups of craftsmen executed the paintings and mosaics, the cycle belongs to a unified decorative program: it shows possible symbolic links with the mosaics, around a Christological theme that resonates with the liturgy that the building was probably intended for.

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