Brevi riflessioni sul concetto di ‘romanizzazione’ nell’Atene del I sec. a.C. New

Brevi riflessioni sul concetto di ‘romanizzazione’ nell’Atene del I sec. a.C.

Articolo in RIVISTA DI ARCHEOLOGIA 41-2017

Caterina Parigi

2018, pp. 81-97, Tav. XIII, Formato PDF


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The paper analyses the term 'romanization' regarding Athens and stresses the relationship that develops between the city and Rome in the 1 st century B.C. Athens maintains its identity as Greek polis and uses the past to assimilate the new Roman features and to insert them in the Athenian tradition. The analysis of epigraphic and literary sources shows some peculiarities. First of all the presence of Roman citizens in the city during the 1 st century B.C. is low and temporary. The Romans came to Athens for different reasons (e.g. studying, business etc.), but they never remained for long. Secondly, Athens is reluctant to dedicate statues to Roman citizens or to grant them honour. The reuse of ancient statues and bases to honour the Romans is a typical feature of this period. Thirdly, the city carries on celebrating both its main religious feasts and the Eleusinian Mysteries. Furthermore Athens holds a tough stance on its religious customs. In the 1 st century B.C. the new buildings keep their Greek character, often using the Athenian monuments of the classical period as a model. The restored ones allow the ordinary course of the civic activities.

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